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June in Bologna - Artisti di ArteBo

Dear friends and artists,
Winds of war run through Europe and I wanted to collect in this event a worldwide overview of my contacts.
The theme of the exhibition is free to remind us that art it's a language without racial or geographical barriers.
On the other hand, as Sigmund Freud has long theorized, all our behaviors are regulated and oscillate between two contrasting forces called: Eros and Thanatos.
Eros in Greek mythology is the name of the god of love and represents, through love and sexuality, our vital force, the sunny side of our feelings.
Thànatos in Greek mythology is the son of the "Night" and represents, through hatred and aggression, the instinct of destruction, the negative part of our instincts.

In the evolutionary course we have improved in our behaviors, but that destructive instinct represented by war will probably always exist in us. We must therefore try to manage it and repress it more and more within us. A creative tool like art is certainly highly effective to activate more positive thoughts and behaviors.

For those who come, ArteBo is in the historic center, at few hundred meters from the Two Towers, symbol of the city and June is the best month to visit Bologna.

Organizzazione e Presentazione

Roberto Lacentra

ArteBo - Roberto Lacentra

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