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Melinda Barwnietz


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Art-Graphic- Design Artist
Born in Hungary, in 1977 she moved to Germany, she lives and works in Heppenheim. She graduated from high school, and two year graphic art study in Budapest. She has completed studies in graphic. Else Martin/former - Student of Henry Moore in Germany.
Artifical technics, graphic, crajon, softpastel, oil chalk, on paper. After three years of practice she susseeded increating a full new technics, which was newer known before, the chalk moment, with the turning of the hand, whith a few pulling it was created, that means, that there was no possibility of changing in case there was something wrong, therefore it was necessary to use very much paper until the products succeeded.
The basis of the artist in three concepts, portraits-allegory, flowers and female silhouette.
To the request of "The Hungarian Osteroporose Patiens/HOPA" she donated the picture graphic representation of women and the osteroporose, association.
To the request of "The Women´s Day Organisation" a graphics creation, Budapest. 20 products are in possession of the Hotel Princess Budapest.
Her producks are in private possession in Switzerland, USA, Germany, Hungary, England, Austria.
Member and culture senator of Austria-Hungarian Society
Member and vice president of Association Cultural Hungarian-French
My curiosity and visions inspire me more and more...
Main Exhibitions: