June in Bologna

Anneli Di Francis


Anneli Di Francis-A lingering nightmare-oil on canvas, 54x50-2021

A lingering nightmare

oil on canvas, 54x50-2021


Anneli Di Francis is currently living and working in Seinäjoki, Finland.
She has studied ceramics in the College of Arts and Crafts, Tervola (Finland) and broadened her vision under the guidance of Kari Bugge-Gjerstad, Ekehovd, Norge.
When she had her studio at Varikko artist community in Seinäjoki, she adapted also painting as her medium. In her works she tells stories that give a visual form for human virtues, feelings and vices. The paintings are created on recycled canvases, vintage table clothes, that give surface structure and connect both the artist and the viewer to past generations.
She has been exhibiting internationally since 2009, and been awarded for example in London Biennale 2013, Premio Milano 2017, CFA artist of the year 2019, Premio citta’ di Montecosaro 10^editzione 2021.
Both her ceramic sculptures and paintings have been portrayed in various international publications and art books.
2022 Poetry of your art, international art project, Monte do Malhao, Algarve, Portugal, (12.3.-12.4.2022) 2022 Eternal Tango of Astor Piazolla, Galleria KO-RA, Skopje, Makedonia (2.2. -22.2.2022)
2021 Art Expo New York, Pier 36 Lower East Side, NY, USA (28-31.10.2021)
2021 Beyond the Borders, Fantapia M. art museum, Gang Neung, Gang Won-Do,Republic of Korea (1.10.2021-30.11.2021)
2021 September in Bologna, ArteBo galleria, Bologna, Italy, (17.9-25.9.2021)