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Margarit Kulyan


Margarit Kulyan-A young horse lady-Oil on canvas, 40x30-2019

A young horse lady

Oil on canvas, 40x30-2019


Margarit Kulyan is from Sochi, Russia. She graduated from Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation.
She worked as a teacher of English language, wrote poems, learned new interesting things and dreamt about traveling around the world, seeing beautiful places and studying new cultures. When she was thirty-three, Margarit got her spine injured and her life changed completely. She could walk and sit but only for a few minutes and experienced severe pain. Three years later she officially became a person with 1st disability degree which means not able to work. But her hardships didn't break Margarit.
Seven years ago she started painting lying in her bed. While working she got great emotions, forgot about her pain and traveled with her characters. All the money she earned by selling her art she gave for charity to ill people and stray dogs and cats. For a couple of years Margarit had been a volunteer and helped to rescue street animals in need. She still has two dogs and four cats at home and seven dogs are in the shelter. She'll be so happy if they finally find homes with loving owners.
Her paintings took part in different contests and exhibitions with healthy artists from all over the world. She got acquainted with world famous artists. That was so important for her as Margarit didn't want her works to be recognized only because of her disability. She worked on her level again and again using free YouTube lessons. Besides she had three personal exhibitions—two are in Sochi and one in Krasnodar. Her works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.
In 2018 Margarit became a laureate of award of the governor of Krasnodar area in nomination "Creative people with disabilities and also in nomination « For achievements in culture, literature and art". Also she was mentioned among strong people of the city. In 2018 she got title "Miss Spring overcoming hardships".
Unfortunately, she got sever autoimmune disease last august. Now Margarit fights for her life and believes she will find a patron who feels art and will help her with treatment and keep developing as an artist. She still dreams to see the world.