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Kateryna Repa



Kateryna Repa was born in 1979, Odessa (Ukraine). Graduated from Odessa Hydrometeorolagical University. Lives and works in Odessa.
Works with painting, graphics, media art, sculpture, and art objects. She also participates in personal and collective exhibitions in London, Bertin, Italy, the USA, South Korea, Ukraine, etc.

In my works in the field of painting, sculpture, and media, I touch on the topic of ecology and the impact of human consumption on it, as well as the types of its consequences for the environment and us.
In graphics, these are different manifestations of the human essence, such as it is, in my opinion, at the given moment of development.
I also touch on the topic of evolution and its manifestations, linking it with technologies, their influence, possible themes of their manifestation. Therefore, in the project "Evolution" I touch upon the topic of possible teleportation, linking it with rapid development and penetration into all aspects of human activity, creating my reality one after another and superimposing it on the real world, inviting the viewer to plunge into my alternative reality, in which imaginations intersect my literary works and visual designer of clothes and accessories.

Kateryna Repa-Soul 5-Plaster, spray paint, 9W x 7.5H x 9D cm - 2022

Soul 5

Plaster, spray paint, 9W x 7.5H x 9D cm - 2022

Soul 5 - April 2022.
Snow-white plaster light sculpture with gold coating.
A bright and sociable young man of 30 years old, for five years he was focused on earnings and career growth in a small company, he tried to pay off the mortgage for an apartment as quickly as possible, did not take a vacation for three years and saved on trifles.
Died from shelling returning home from work.

Kateryna Repa-Soul 9-Plaster-cement-acrylic, 14W x 21.5H x 15D cm - 2022

Soul 9

Plaster-cement-acrylic, 14W x 21.5H x 15D cm - 2022

Soul 9 - April 2022
A teenager 16 years old, recently quarreled a lot with his parents, they did not understand him and did not support him.
He wanted to enter adulthood as soon as possible and move to the capital, but he was constantly reminded that he was aworthless student and not capable of anything.
He was shot by Russian soldiers when he was riding a bicycle for water in his village, he wanted to prove to his parents that he was at least capable of it.
Died of blood loss.