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Marta Valls


Marta Valls-Violin of Eva-Polimateric photo, 40x50-2018

Violin of Eva

Polimateric photo, 40x50-2018

The series is inspired by the drama of World War II and the idea of being reborn after the tragedy.
The affirmation of one's identity ... wants to address the topic with a universal value, because rebirth, the desire to live and rejoice is universal.
And the only way is peace


Degree of Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona.
Her artistic activity starts in Barcelona, then she moves to England, where her career as a professional artist begins.
In 1990 she was invited to Turin by the
Italian Foundation for Photography to create an exhibition within of that year's Biennale of photography and since then she lives and works in Turin.
Art teacher in upper secondary school.
Her works have been exhibited in numerous public and private European and Italian galleries.

Marta Valls - abcmarta@libero.it